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The future of green living in Belconnen

By Ben Faulks

There's been a recent trend towards more sustainable living across Australia. Being a country below an ozone hole will do that, after all! The Australian Capital Territory is never one to fall behind, so let's take a look at what our local government is doing to help reduce the impact of housing on the environment.

Ink-ceptional new road surfaces

Resurfacing our roads ensures that residents with real estate in Belconnen can travel around the city and the Territory without worrying about poorly-constructed and crumbling asphalt. However, asphalt can also have a large environmental impact. To combat this, a new kind of resurfacing mixture that includes recycled road pavement as well as printer toner is being trialled in the ACT.

As wacky as it seems, it looks like this new initiative could be the road to improving the environment.

"Production of the new asphalt product will result in a smaller carbon footprint in comparison to other asphalt mixtures," said director for roads ACT Tony Gill.

"We can save 14 kilograms of carbon dioxide from being produced for every tonne of product used."

Seattle inspiration

Minister for planning and land management Mick Gentleman is taking a leaf out of the book of the famous Seattle EcoDistrict in terms of housing. The EcoDistrict was designed in such a way that a wide range of different housing types could be offered while also still remaining affordable and matching the needs of residents.

"Providing a range of different size and style housing allows people to downsize, upsize or move into more mobility friendly housing (such as single story units) as they age," said Mr Gentleman.

With such a number of new initiatives, it would be unsurprising if we saw some of these ideas make their way to Belconnen real estate. For more information on the area and to discover how you can get your own piece of this prime Canberra suburb, get into contact with the team at Ray White Belconnen today!

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