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Tips for childproofing your Belconnen household

By Ben Faulks

Protecting your little bundle of joy during their younger years is an important responsibility to take on board as a young family living in Belconnen real estate. There are a number of hazards around the home that infants and toddlers can accidentally come across, which need to be managed for their health and safety. 

One example of this is hazardous materials in your kitchen or laundry. Ensuring that cleaning chemicals like bleach are put away under lock and key – or placed too high for young ones to reach – is essential to creating a safe household. 

Furthermore, uncovered electrical outlets can be a danger to young, inquisitive minds. Simply putting something like a bookcase or drawers in front of them will stop curious fingers from inserting objects in there.

Finally, if you live in a double storey home, ensuring you have gates at both the top and bottom of the staircase will help prevent any tumbles or falls that could lead to injury in your household. This has the added bonus of keeping your child on the same floor as you, ensuring you don't have to go searching high and low for them once they start to walk. 

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