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Tips for having a stress-free moving day

By Ben Faulks

After successfully purchasing your own Belconnen real estate, you may think you're out of the woods and everything will be smooth sailing from here.

Unfortunately, failing to properly plan for your moving day can add up to huge amounts of stress for new residents, especially if this is the first time you're moving out into your very own property. There are a lot of things that may be forgotten by first-timers, which can make the process a lot harder for all involved.  

Calling ahead and organising facilities like power, gas and water is of the utmost importance. There's nothing worse than getting into your new home and spending the first few days without energy or internet, so be sure to prepare these before moving day. 

Furthermore, keeping your pets out of the way during the actual moving process will make it much easier for the removalists to bring your household items into the home. Perhaps sending your petsto a friend or family member's home for the day could be a good idea. This allows you to focus on setting up the house before introducing them to their new home. 

The same can go for children. Organise a playdate with a friend to keep them out of your hair and prevent you from worrying about them during the moving process. 

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