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What are some tips for newlyweds looking into property?

By Ben Faulks

Getting married is something that most people look forward to in their lives. The celebration of love and the union of souls cannot be topped, and committing to a lifetime with your partner  is certainly an exciting occasion. 

After the wedding proceedings and honeymoon, one of the first things many newlyweds decide to pursue is buying their own home. If you're interested in securing a slice of Belconnen real estate, here are some things to consider moving forward. 

Joint decisions are important

Prior to being married, it's possible you would have made decisions based solely on your own wants and needs. However, now you have to remember you're a part of a marital unit – which means taking each person's opinion into account. 

The importance of discussion cannot be overstated, especially when it comes to purchasing property. 

Take future needs into consideration

Things like work commutes or local schools in the area are all important factors to think about when searching for property. Giving you future children easy access to education or giving yourself a simple way to get to public transport for travelling to work are all things to help make your life easier. 

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