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What does the Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan mean for Canberra residents?

By Ben Faulks

Canberra is a city with a strong economy, good employment prospects and a high quality of life. It's all down to a combination of great planning, a vibrant community and thriving educational institutions and workplaces. Life in this city is only going to get better with the revitalisation of our town centres.

Let's find out a bit more about the Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan and what it means for current and future Canberra residents.

What is the Belconnen Town Centre Master Plan?

Belconnen's Town Centre Master Plan is a collaborative vision for a more compact and efficient city, and is the result of community feedback, industry input and planning studies. The plan aims to establish the town centre as the heart of both Belconnen and wider Canberra. To do this, the ACT government is going to stimulate growth and development in the area.

During 2014 and 2015, the local community was informed about the Master Plan and were able to provide feedback on what needed improvement and greater attention. A draft of the Master plan was drawn up and information about it was communicated online and in the form of visual material around the town centre.

What changes can Belconnen residents expect?

As a result of the input received from industry experts and members of the community, several ideas were put forward to revitalise the Belconnen town centre. Belconnen will become a 'university town' through strengthened collaboration with the University of Canberra. The area's cycle network will be improved to increase connectivity to and from the town centre. Green infrastructure will be built to improve the town's environmental footprint and contribute to innovation in green urban planning.

Parking has been identified as a key area for improvement, so short and long term parking management is being looked at. Public open spaces in Margaret Timpson Park, Oatley Court, Lathlain Street and Benjamin Way will also be enhanced so they become focal points of urban public life.

Why is this exciting?

In a nutshell, all this planned development and renewal will mean a better, greener and more accessible town centre that will be a social and cultural hub for Canberra residents. You'll be able to enjoy all the benefits of the rejuvenation of the town centre precinct for years to come. Coupled with a strong property market, this spells good news for those planning to buy in Belconnen. 

It's an exciting time to be living in Canberra. Come and see us at Ray White Belconnen to have a conversation about getting into the property market here.

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