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What should young families look for in a home?

By Ben Faulks

Buying property is right up there among many Australians' dreams, alongside finding the perfect job and starting a family with a loved one And if you're looking into buying Belconnen real estate with your partner, taking into account your future is an important aspect to consider.

If you're hoping to have children, finding a suitable property for this is essential. But what are the characteristics of a family-oriented home? 

For starters, being in proximity to childcare facilities, kindergartens and schools is a great boost. Researching the options available in the local neighbourhood during your initial search is a good idea, especially since most have their own websites with information about their curriculum, offered programs and other information interesting to parents. 

Furthermore, having a backyard – or easy access to a local playground or park – is another factor to think about. Promoting a healthy, active lifestyle is important for keeping kids happy, giving them the chance to run, jump and play with others of their own age.

Finally, properties with staircases could warrant some caution, especially during the younger years of your child's life. If you do choose a multi-storey house, be sure to get some stairguards to stop any unfortunate accidents from happening. 

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