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Why is Canberra a fantastic place to work?

By Ben Faulks

So you're considering making the move to Australia's wonderful capital city? At Ray White Belconnen, we know that Canberra is an incredible place to live. But what is it like to work here? As a future ACT resident, you'll no doubt already have a job lined up, or plan to get one once you're here.

Let's look at why moving to Canberra could be the best thing you ever do for your employment prospects and working life.

Solid job market 

Want to relocate to Canberra but don't have a job lined up just yet? Don't worry, your chances are high – Canberra has an incredibly strong job market compared to the rest of Australia.

The government is our biggest employer – around half of the ACT's workforce is employed in public service and defence. However, half of Canberra's workers are employed in the private sector, in over 25,000 small and large private companies, according to There are 18,000 jobs in the private health sector, and the ACT government's commitment to developing infrastructure in the state has resulted in the creation of 12,000 jobs in the building and construction industry.

Our IT sector, made up of more than 1,000 companies of varying sizes, employs around 8,000 people, and is a major driver of business development in the ACT. The tourism sector is likely to expand too, with 2016 recording a 13 per cent increase in interstate visitors who also spent more than $1.5 billion, as reported in The Canberra Times.

Whatever industry you're in, your job prospects will never be better when you move to Canberra. 

High salaries and low unemployment

Once you've landed yourself steady employment, you'll get to experience the best employment conditions in the country. Those who work in the ACT receive the highest average weekly earnings of all Australian states, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS), at $1,725.40. This is higher than the Australian average of $1,516.

We've also got the lowest unemployment rate in the whole of Australia at under 4 per cent. ABS data indicates that the Australia-wide unemployment rate was 5.8 per cent as of February 2017.

Fantastic work/life balance

Canberra's employers are on the cutting edge of pioneering flexible working arrangements that enable their employees to enjoy a higher quality of life. A recent example that was discussed in The Canberra Times on March 15 is Canberra creative agency Icelab, whose employees enjoy a four-day working week.

This isn't the case for all workplaces in the capital (unfortunately!), but it does show that there is a unique way of thinking here in Canberra where family time is prioritised by employers. Knowing that you'll have a good work/life balance is something that will make a huge difference to your working life and will undoubtedly improve your experience of both working and living here.

Low commuting times

We've named ourselves 'the 20 minute city', so-called because that's pretty much all the time it takes to get to work, no matter where you live! With a fantastic network of cycle ways, toll-free roads and public transportation, getting to and from the office is easy. You definitely don't have all the congestion you'll encounter in other Aussie capitals. There's less stress and less time spent on your daily commute, which means more time you can spend enjoying your new life in this wonderful city!

We've got the highest wages and the lowest unemployment rate in Australia, a strong and secure job market, and a superb work/life balance. Working here is pretty great, and living here is, too. Talk to the team at Ray White Belconnen about how to find your dream Canberra property.

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