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Why the Belconnen Town Centre is worth the fuss

By Ben Faulks

As touched upon previously, the ACT government has released a draft master plan that outlines its development goals for the Belconnen Town Centre. These have been formed out of ideas and concerns voiced by over 200 respondents living in Belconnen real estate and the neighbouring community. The plan lays out points that revolve around bringing renewal to the space as well as adding much needed functional improvements.

These include:

  • Offering incentives for developers to provide design improvements to the space and sustainability of the public domain
  • Encouraging walking and cycling over driving through infrastructure design
  • Making the space more green and reduce its ecological footprint
  • Diversifying employment opportunities
  • Configuring space so that there isn't a shortfall in parking lots.
  • Providing height restrictions and design guidelines to developers

Why the fuss

With so much work going into the Belconnen Town Centre, you might wonder why this development is worth your attention. 

The Belconnen Town Centre has a key role not just to the region, but ACT as a whole, figures from the Draft Master Plan show. The Australian Capital Territory had a workforce population of 227,300 by 2013. The town centre provided roughly 13,500 jobs, which means this area employed a staggering 6.1 per cent of the state's entire workforce. In 2014, an estimated 6,020 people lived in the centre, making it a hub not just for employment, but for residence as well.

Belconnen has also acknowledged its need to diversify its economy. As it stands, 30.5 per cent of jobs in the town centre are public administration, and 10.1 per cent are retail. If the development goes as planned, we'll see a greater variety of employment opportunities in the area.

According to the Draft Master Plan, 67 per cent of those working in the town centre live in the Belconnen district. If you want to grab hold of opportunities in this up and coming town centre, you can't go wrong with seeking out Belconnen real estate. Give Ray White Belconnen a ring today.

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