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Your family’s future in Belconnen

By Ben Faulks

Belconnen real estate is suitable for anyone at any point in their life, but families can find a perfect home. Here are a few reasons why.

Young children

According to the 2011 census, 26.6 per cent of the families in Belconnen have children under 15. For these lucky newborns, toddlers and infants, there's a whole plethora of schools and activities for them (and their parents!) to engage in. From dancing to art workshops, your kids can have a varied and exciting childhood in Belconnen. There's even a whole school dedicated to Bollywood dancing for all ages, so everyone can get involved. 

Employment and education

Schooling is great, but what about tertiary education? Belconnen boasts a large student population, with over 700 university students and almost 150 technical college members in 2011. Belconnen is right next door to the University of Canberra, so current students looking for a place to crash are sure to find something suitable while perusing Belconnen real estate.

After finishing their education, students have great opportunities for employment in the local government buildings and are only a short distance from the Canberra city centre. Belconnen residents have been very successful in the employment world, with only a 6.2 per cent unemployment rate for the area.

Accessible for everyone

Whether you are looking for a family home or you are a young couple just starting out, Belconnen is not only beautiful but accessible too. There are plenty of other new families and young people (the median age is only 29!) and there is a range of houses and apartments in Belconnen for rent as well as for sale.

Belconnen could be the perfect choice for your family, or even just for a first place after you've moved out of home. Whether you are a retired couple downsizing after the children have flown the nest or a young family just starting out, speak to the experts at Ray White to discover what Belconnen has to offer you.

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