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Property Maintenance Requests

It is Ray White Canberra’s policy that all maintenance requests are logged via maintenance manager. Maintenance Manager can be accessed by downloading the free MMgr Tenant App from either the google play store or the app store(apple). Otherwise you can access via this web link:

All urgent maintenance will be automatically allocated to the appropriate trade suppliers via maintenance manager. Please note that if a job is deemed not to be urgent then all call out costs will be the responsibility of the tenant who logged the request.

“The following are considered urgent repairs in relation to the premises, or services or fixtures supplied by the lessor: 

(a) a burst water service; 

(b) a blocked or broken lavatory system; 

(c) a serious roof leak; 

(d) a gas leak; 

(e) a dangerous electrical fault; 

(f) flooding or serious flood damage; 

(g) serious storm or fire damage; 

(h) a failure of gas, electricity or water supply to the premises; 

(i) the failure of a refrigerator supplied with the premises; 

(j) a failure or breakdown of any service on the premises essential for hot water, cooking, heating or laundering; 

(k) a fault or damage that causes the residential premises to be unsafe or insecure; 

(l) a fault or damage likely to cause injury to person or property; 

(m) a serious fault in any door, staircase, lift or other common area that inhibits or unduly inconveniences the tenant in gaining access to and use of the premises.”